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U.S. & Canada 00-UTC 48 Hour Surface Smoke Forecast
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U.S. Day 1 Fire Weather Outlook

   FNUS21 KWNS 260439

   Day 1 Fire Weather Outlook  
   NWS Storm Prediction Center Norman OK
   1139 PM CDT Sun Sep 25 2022

   Valid 261200Z - 271200Z


   A fairly amplified upper-level pattern will exist across the CONUS
   today. Large-scale ridging in the west will slowly shift eastward as
   a broad trough in the east makes similar eastward progress. At the
   surface, the cold front will move offshore into the Gulf and the
   Atlantic. A dry airmass will reside within much of the central and
   western U.S. A diminishing surface pressure gradient will lead to
   weak winds over a broad area. However, locally elevated conditions
   are possible. The most likely areas for these conditions will be
   eastern OK/TX into parts of the Southeast. Rainfall has been
   minimal, particularly in OK/TX, and fuels will support fire spread.
   RH of 20-30% is possible, though winds may struggle to reach 15 mph.

   ..Wendt.. 09/26/2022

U.S. Day 2 Fire Weather Outlook

   FNUS22 KWNS 260525

   Day 2 Fire Weather Outlook  
   NWS Storm Prediction Center Norman OK
   1225 AM CDT Mon Sep 26 2022

   Valid 271200Z - 281200Z

   The western upper-level ridge will begin to break down in the
   Northwest on Tuesday as a trough moves into the region. At the
   surface, a trough will develop in the lee of the Cascades and dry
   southerly winds will return to the southern Plains on the western
   edge of strong surface high in the upper Midwest.

   ...South-central Oregon Vicinity...
   Modest downslope winds will develop by the afternoon. Wind speeds of
   15-20 mph are expected. At least some portions of the region will
   see RH as low as 15-20%. With the potential for some high cloud
   cover moving in later in the day, there is some uncertainty as to
   how broadly low RH will be observed.

   ..Wendt.. 09/26/2022

U.S. Day 3-8 Fire Weather Outlook

   FNUS28 KWNS 252131

   Day 3-8 Fire Weather Outlook  
   NWS Storm Prediction Center Norman OK
   0431 PM CDT Sun Sep 25 2022

   Valid 271200Z - 031200Z

   ...D3/Tue-D4/Wed - Southeast Oregon and Vicinity...
   Mid-level flow will strengthen as a trough approaches the Northwest
   on Tuesday. Dry/downslope flow is expected from central Oregon to
   northwest Nevada. Fuels are more moist in Nevada, but fuels are
   critically dry, at least locally, across central and Southeast
   Oregon. Therefore, critical probabilities have been added for
   portions of central and southeast Oregon. 

   On Wednesday, stronger mid-level flow will overspread the region and
   stronger surface winds are expected. Therefore, critical
   probabilities have been added across southeast Oregon and far
   southwest Idaho.

   ...D4/Wed - Gulf Coast Region...
   A cold front will move off the Gulf Coast Monday night with a very
   dry, continental airmass in its wake. As Hurricane Ian moves
   northward in the eastern Gulf, low-level northerly flow will
   strengthen and maintain a dry airmass across the Gulf Coast states. 

   Other than a few isolated thunderstorms, much of this region has
   been dry over the past few weeks. This extended dry period, followed
   by several days of dry northerly flow should lead to critically dry
   fuels across much of the Gulf states by Wednesday.

   ...D4/Wed - D7/Sat - Great Plains...
   A prolonged period of lee troughing in the Plains from the middle of
   the week into next weekend will likely lead to gusty winds in
   various regions across the Plains states. The location of these
   winds and any potential overlapping with areas of low relative
   humidity remains too uncertain to add probabilities. 

   However, there will likely be some periods with elevated to critical
   fire weather conditions in the Wed/D4 to Sat/D7 range.

   ..Bentley.. 09/25/2022

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