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World Wide Daily Ozone Map

World Wide Daily Ozone Map

World Wide Daily Ozone Map Legend

Our ozone layer protects us from harmful ultraviolet solar radiation. Ozone is a gas made up of three oxygen atoms. Just like any other gas, it circulates in the atmosphere. During autumn months ultraviolet energy [UV] from the sun splits chlorine molecules residing in the atmosphere above the South Pole. These chlorine atoms are highly reactive and begin to turn ozone (O3) into molecular oxygen (O2), which causes the infamous Antarctic ozone hole.

Holes are not limited to the South Pole only however. They also form in the North Pole and other regions around the world. The Antarctic hole is famous due to the size and relative longevity, compared to other locations on earth.

NOAA's polar orbiting satellites are used to monitor the ozone hole. This daily imagery uses infrared and UV data combined from the POES HIRS and SBUV/2 sensors to measure the ozone concentration around the world. Areas colored in shades of blue are normal or safe levels of stratospheric ozone; areas colored red are below the 220 Dobson Unit level and are considered dangerously low.

Source: NOAA

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