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World Wide Daily Land Surface Temperature Map

World Wide Daily Land Surface Temperature Map

World Wide Daily Land Surface Temperature Legend

Touch the ground and you'll feel the surface temperature. Satellites can measure this temperature from space, which is plotted above. Though they are related, land surface temperatured are not the same as air temperature since land surface heats and cools more quickly than air. Land surface temperature is greatly influenced by land use and include: bare or sparsely vegetated lands like deserts are able to heat up with much greater temperatures than forested areas at the same latitudes. The land surface temperature data is extensively used for modeling weather and climate as well as other applications such as agriculture.

The daily data plots are generated by averaging all of the data collected by the NOAA AMSU and DMSP SSM/I microwave sensors from 4 different polar-orbiting satellites over a 24 hour period. Blue areas are cool and orange areas are warm.

Source: NOAA

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