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World Temperature & Rainfall Extremes [Metric]
The values listed here are from internationally released synop reports. Many world weather stations do not report their values, hence some data will be missing. Data from these reports is from Occasionally some extremes can be in error, usually blatantly and obviously off (ie. Samoa).
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Maximum Temperature Last 24h - 11/12/2019 at 12:00 UTC
No. Location Station ID Amount
1 Honolulu, Honolulu International Airport (United States) 91182 31.7°C
2 Wake Island, Wake Island Army Airfield Airport (United States) 91245 31.2°C
3 Hilo, Hilo International Airport (United States) 91285 31.1°C
4 Kahului, Kahului Airport (United States) 91190 30.6°C
5 Phoenix, Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport (United States) 72278 30.6°C
6 Brownsville, Brownsville / South Padre Island International Airport (United States) 72250 30°C
7 Red Bluff, Red Bluff Municipal Airport (United States) 72591 30°C
8 Redding, Redding Municipal Airport (United States) 72592 30°C
9 Miami, Fl (United States) 72202 29.4°C
10 Lihue, Lihue Airport (United States) 91165 28.9°C
11 Orlando, Orlando International Airport (United States) 72205 28.9°C
12 Key West, Key West International Airport (United States) 72201 28.3°C
13 Tampa, Tampa International Airport (United States) 72211 28.3°C
14 New Orleans, New Orleans International Airport (United States) 72231 27.8°C
15 Victoria, Victoria Regional Airport (United States) 72255 27.8°C
Script courtesy of  Michael Holden of Relay Weather. Data courtesy of Ogimet

Minimum Temperature Last 24h - 11/12/2019 at 12:00 UTC
No. Location Station ID Amount
1 Fort Yukon, Fort Yukon Airport (United States) 70194 -31.1°C
2 Havre, Havre City-County Airport (United States) 72777 -28.3°C
3 Glasgow, Glasgow International Airport (United States) 72768 -27.2°C
4 Sheridan, Sheridan County Airport (United States) 72666 -25°C
5 International Falls, Falls International Airport (United States) 72747 -23.3°C
6 Casper, Natrona County International Airport (United States) 72569 -22.2°C
7 Bettles, Bettles Airport (United States) 70174 -21.7°C
8 Bismarck, Bismarck Municipal Airport (United States) 72764 -21.7°C
9 Great Falls, Mt. (United States) 72776 -21.7°C
10 Norfolk, Stefan Memorial Airport (United States) 72556 -21.1°C
11 Valentine, Miller Field (United States) 72567 -21.1°C
12 Rapid City/Regional Airport, Sd. (United States) 72662 -20.6°C
13 Helena, Helena Regional Airport (United States) 72772 -20°C
14 Aberdeen, Aberdeen Regional Airport (United States) 72659 -19.4°C
15 Fairbanks, Fairbanks International Airport (United States) 70261 -19.4°C
Script courtesy of  Michael Holden of Relay Weather. Data courtesy of Ogimet

Maximum Precipitation Last 24h - 11/12/2019 at 12:00 UTC
No. Location Station ID Amount
1 Buffalo, Greater Buffalo International Airport (United States) 72528 34 mm
2 Cleveland, Cleveland-Hopkins International Airport (United States) 72524 23.6 mm
3 Rochester, Greater Rochester International Airport (United States) 72529 21 mm
4 Detroit, Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport (United States) 72537 20.7 mm
5 Kodiak, Kodiak Airport (United States) 70350 19 mm
6 Corpus Christi, Corpus Christi International Airport (United States) 72251 18 mm
7 Memphis, Memphis International Airport (United States) 72334 16.3 mm
8 Jackson, Jackson International Airport (United States) 72235 15 mm
9 Erie, Erie International Airport (United States) 72526 14.5 mm
10 Flint, Bishop International Airport (United States) 72637 12.3 mm
11 Burlington, Burlington International Airport (United States) 72617 11 mm
12 Lansing, Capital City Airport (United States) 72539 11 mm
13 Toledo, Toledo Express Airport (United States) 72536 11 mm
14 Caribou, Caribou Municipal Airport (United States) 72712 11 mm
15 Syracuse, Syracuse Hancock International Airport (United States) 72519 11 mm
Script courtesy of  Michael Holden of Relay Weather. Data courtesy of Ogimet

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Warning: Many data filters have been introduced to the above data. Use caution with this data as some extreme values can be erroneous due to unsuspected errors in synop reports. All data should be verified. Note that the values we listed here are from international released synop reports, and for certain there will be other extreme values not in this list

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