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Wilmington, Ohio Area Composite Reflectivity Radar
Zoom:  Zoom In  City Level  Wilmington Area Ohio Midwest US Entire US Zoom Out Animated: OFF   Advisories: OFF   Track: OFF   Lightning: OFF
WU Map • Wilmington Ohio
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Radar and map images courtesy of Weather Underground.

Thanks to Tom at Carter Lake, Jim at Juneau County Weather and Ken at Saratoga-Weather for the display script for this page.

How to Use the Radar Map

To use the Zoom feature, click on the upper left "less than" symbols, or click on the plus and minus symbols. Clicking on the + symbol zooms in, the - symbol zooms out. The default symbol is highlighted in yellow. Clicking on the larger symbols to the left will zoom you in, clicking on the smaller symbols to the right will zoom you out.

To Animate the radar map click on "Animated:OFF", To see weather advisories clicking on "Advisories:Off" for the alerts map (zoomable), clicking on "Track:OFF" will show the storm tracking, & by clicking on "Lightning:OFF" will show all lightning strikes on the map.

On the very bottom of the graphic you will find the "Additional Weather Maps" menu. These map options include weather fronts, jet stream, visible satellite, IR satellite, wind, temperatures, humidity, dew point, heat index, wind chill, snow depth, visibility, air quality, uv, and flu maps.

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